For a single shooter, it provides protection for up to three men of the squad.

To strengthen the defence of the state border, reinforce the outer perimeters of military and civilian airports, reinforce the defence of bridges and important transit lines, reinforce the defence of critical and civilian infrastructure.

Ability to respond quickly to defined threats in the event of an emergency, national emergency, and state of war.

  • Ballistic resistance A5
  • Shrapnel resistance C4
  • Blast resistance D6

Dimensions of the basic segment:

Clear width: 2.5 m
Clear height: 2.5 m
Length: 2 m
Wall thickness: 20 cm

Length of segment + lid: 3 m
Weight of base segment: 9.8 t
Total weight: 10.5 t
Capacity: 1-3 men
Assembly: up to 2 h by one team

Crane 10 t, transport one freight wagon.

Shotguns and portholes without fittings.

The basic skeleton can be equipped according to the client’s requirements (beds, benches, chemical toilet, cartridge traps, ammunition and food storage boxes).