A place designated for assembly for transport to a first aid site and subsequent medical care.

To safely house wounded infantrymen and squad members, continuously available for cover to all squad members from drone attack, fire attack, artillery fire. Three versatile building segments form a double-sided pass-through tube for quick access and handling of wounded. Without gunshots and portholes. The 30 tonne capacity design provides additional restraining mass. Built a protective berm around the sandbag bunker to limit the velocity of projectiles, secondary shrapnel and shock pressure waves. Internal volume 28m3. Advantage of quick assembly of the modular system.

  • Ballistic resistance A5
  • Shrapnel resistance C4
  • Blast resistance D6

Dimensions of the basic segment:

Clear width: 2.5 m
Clear height: 2.5 m
Length: 2 m
Wall thickness: 20 cm

Length of segment + lid: 3 m
Weight of base segment: 9.8 t
Total weight: 10.5 t
Capacity: 1-3 men
Assembly: up to 2 h by one team

Crane 10 t, transport one freight wagon.

The basic skeleton can be equipped according to the client’s requirements (beds, benches, chemical toilet, cartridge traps, ammunition and food storage boxes).