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A leading supplier of security solutions for the defence industry, critical infrastructure and civil defence that protect people, business and society.

NSPA catalogized producer with assigned NCAGE – NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code 8286G.

All products certified in accordance with NATO STANAG 2280:2016.

Our safety elements are highly salinity resistant. 

What all can we offer you?

  • A comprehensive range of twenty safety elements certified according to NATO STANAG 2280:2016, made of UHPFRC composite for protection in:
    • Terrorist attack and Sabotage
    • Hybrid attack and Asymmetric conflict
    • Attack by professional army

Including their professional installation and periodic servicing.

  • Advice and consultation from our team of experts and scientists, unique know-how of specialists from the defence industry, military, security, research and development of concrete and steel elements, designers and architects in:
    • Designs and solutions for facilities important for the defense industry, critical infrastructure and civil defense; or the development of explosion protection elements for the chemical and petrochemical industries.
    • Consulting on the design and solution of facility defense plans against all of the above types of threats;
    • Development of specific protective elements according to your requirements, including test protocols and certification by the State Military Research Institute (MRI) of the Czech Republic and the State Testing Laboratory of the Czech Technical University in Prague.
  • Professional proactive approach and high standards of supplied protective safety features made of first-class materials with laboratory control of the sample taken from every single piece produced, including its recording and archiving as well as the condition for the prescribed certification and testing of all suppliers throughout the production chain.

Safety is our top priority!

defence industry

We provide protection during combat missions.

critical infrastructure

We secure objects important for protection of the state.

civil defence

We develop cutting-edge means not only to protect human life.


We develop cutting-edge means to protect human life, crical infrastructure and facilies essenal to national defense. We adhere to the highest ethical standards in our pursuit of excellence. Through steady and deliberate development and rigorous testing, we work with scientists to create innovative, highly durable and safe elements.


We have the ambition to become a world leader in safety features that exceeds all expectations. We are a constant and reliable partner; our unique solutions help clients to meet their strategic, tactical and operational needs. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the security of existing and developing solutions. We are commited to researching, designing, engineering and bringing to market new products based on our clients’ requirements for the civil defense, critical infrastructure, and defense industry markets.


Together with our strategic partners, scientists and advisors, we create technically and technologically advanced products in an environment of trust, respect and support. Together we predict the direction of development in order to be prepared for future changes. This enables us to meet our clients’ expectations and provide products and services that are professional, user-friendly, proactive and safe in every way.

IBIPC was founded.


Developed and registered the first security element at the IPO.


Two more security elements developed and registered at the IPO.


Production exhibited at IDET Brno and ARMY Moscow.


Change of owner (100% JEAN PAUL WHITECASTLE) and name to IBIPC – new logo.


CTU license and tests of the properties declared by the patent at CTU Prague.


Certification according to NATO STANAG 2280 from Military Research Institute (MRI).
Strategic partnership concluded with CS BETON, WITKOWITZ and MRI.
Eight additional elements have been developed for registration at the IPO.
Installation of Safety bench element at the Insternational airport in Prague.



The first of the safety element bunker was sold to the Army of Czech republic.


Contract with the Ministry of Defence for research and development of new elements.
Total of 22 safety elements developed, including modular and mobile bunkers and shelters.
IBIPC was assigned NCAGE – NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code – 8286G
Bunker universal segment element has been assigned NATO STOCK NUMBER by the NCB.


Manufacturer of steel components
Science, research and development
Testing and expert activities
Reference partner
State support B2B
Manufacturer of concrete components
NATO standarts
Business partner
Protection of intellectual property
Research and development
Manufacturer of concrete components
Manufacturer of airconstruction components
Project and design
Business partner
State support B2G

Can you determine a cost of a human's life?

That is difficult; all we can say for sure is that it is high and that it must be protected with the highest priority. We count with this prime fact in the design and construction all of types of our protective equipment. We are proud to manufacture protective elements from the patented UHPFRC composite for you at IBIPC; we create these unique products with the highest care to withstand ballistic, shrapnel and blast attacks.

Mgr. Pavel Bělohradský


Ing. Mgr. Viktor Chrobok, PhD.

WITKOWITZ, strategic partner​

Ing. Marek Matějka

CS BETON, strategic partner

Doc. Ing. Josef Fládr, PhD.

Docent, Dept. of Building and Structural Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering, CTU in Prague

Ing. František Malenínský

Retired lieutenant general, Senior advisor

pplk. Doc. Jiří Štoller, PhD.

Expert consultant, Vice Dean for Scientific Research Activities, Faculty of Military Technology, University of Defence

Doc. Ing. Pavel Maňas, PhD.

Retired colonel , expert and specialist advisor