To strengthen the defence of the inner perimeters of military and civilian airports, protection of foreign embassies, public administration buildings, access roads to urban centres, defence of critical infrastructure, both military and civilian.

It serves as a durable shelter in event of terrorist attack, sabotage, attack by professional army, other attack or disaster.

Anchored to the ground stops a car.

  • Balistic resistance A5
  • Shrapnel resistance C4
  • Blast resistance D6
  • SINGULAR – Placement in an open space with the backrests parallel to each other with a spacing of 10-90 cm.
  • MODULAR – By placing interconnected safety benches side by side, the row of benches can be adjusted to any length depending on the number of seats required.

Safety bench with the backrest strength of 100mm.

Width: 0,65 m 

Height: 1,1 m

Length: 1,2 m

Backrest strength: 0,1 m

Weight: 625 kg

It is recommended to arrange two safety benches with their backrests parallel to each other with a spacing of 10-90 cm. In this arrangement, they have the ability to intercept grenade or mine fragments, trap and redirect the pressure wave released by the explosion, and at the same time prevent the penetration of a round up to 7.62 x 54R/B32 API and 7.62 x 51/AP8 WC in the LIGHT version, or 12.7 x 99/API M8 and 14.5 x 114/API/B32 in HEAVY version.