The mobile safety barrier is a protective element certified by the Military Research Institute s.p. It is designed primarily for the protection of objects important for the defence of the state, critical infrastructure and the city intravilans, outdoor and enclosed public spaces, terminals and places with high concentration of people and at the same time low security against violent attack.

The element is designed for short-term and permanent installation in the extravillane, where it acts as a mechanical barrier limiting the penetration of vehicles into protected areas. The element can be fitted with common types of urban greenery and its aesthetic expression can be freely modified and shaped according to the customer’s requirements, and It can be subtly incorporated into other exterior elements.

  • Balistic resistance A5
  • Shrapnel resistance C4
  • Blast resistance D6

1. Safety barrier:
Width: 0.8 m

Length: 2.5 m

Height: 1.05 m

Weight: 2.8 t

2. Anchor plate:
Width: 1.8 m

Height: 1.2 m

Underground embedment depth: 0.9 m

Weight: 1.2 t

3. Locking spacer:
Structural steel plate with increased resistance.

4. Base plate:
Width: 1.2 m

Length: 2.6 m

The dimensions of the foundation anchorage plate and the fixing plate are always determined individually, the size of the sides being chosen depending on the quality of the subsoil, its geomechanical properties and the required depth of installation.