Company INSTITUTE OF BLAST & IMPACT PROOF CONCRETE, s.r.o. (IBIPC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JEAN PAUL WHITECASTLE, spol. s r.o. (JPW), which exclusively represents the company. Both companies share a single managing director; negotiations can therefore be quick and efficient.

The entity, if any, which arranges the MASTER FRANCHISE AGREEMENT will participate in the transaction on the basis of the Agency Agreement if the serious interest of the prospective buyer is declared in writing.

The form of the transfer of intellectual property or exclusive rights granted to intellectual creations in the field of industrial property for the individual territories is implemented by the MASTER FRANCHISE AGREEMENT (MFA), which regulates the basic relationship between the master franchisor and the master franchisee and authorises the master franchisee to enter into franchise agreements with other franchisees as franchisor for the territories specified in the agreement; it is a commercial and organisational link between the franchisor and all its franchisees, coordinated and supported through the franchise headquarters in the Czech Republic.


The subject of the MFA document is the following set of transactions:

  • IBIPC security products, including variants of about 15 – 16 units.
  • Detail and assembly drawings for these security products.
  • Options for the casting mould drawings for individual products.
  • UHPFRC composite mix recipe.
  • UHPFRC composite production recipe.
  • MFA’s area of application.
  • Exclusivity for the MFA area of application.
  • Certification of IBIPC products including bunkers according to NATO military standard STANAG 2280 for ballistic, shrapnel and blast resistance, carried out by the renowned Military Research Institute, state enterprise (MRI) established by the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic.
  • Protocol of the MRI ballistic resistance test.
  • MRI test protocol for fragment resistance.
  • MRI explosion resistance test protocol.
  • CTU certificate declaring physical and mechanical properties of the UHPFRC composite, created according to the mix recipe and production recipe.
  • Right to use the IBIPC trademark in the promotion and labelling of products.
  • Right to use the IBIPC slogan “Made to safe you.” in the labelling of products.
  • The right to use the company’s motto “We’re creating a safer future”.
  • Initial and ongoing master-franchisee management training.
  • Ongoing operational, technical and service support for the master franchisee.

We are available for further information regarding the franchise agreement.